Преимущества обучения за рубежом

Решение учиться за границей - это серьезное решение как личном, так и в финансовом плане. Частично выясняя, является ли обучение за границей хорошей идеей для вас, следует рассмотреть причины, по которым многие студенты решают учиться за границей, и то положительное влияние, которое может оказать на вашу жизнь. Личные преимущества обучения...

Угадайте, сколько книг норвежец читает в среднем?

Угадайте, сколько книг норвежец читает в среднем? (Все бумажные книги/книги, но исключая учебники). Правильный ответ: 15,5 книг на человека за год! Обычная библиотека в Норвегии так же удобна, как и кафе. Как норвежцы заставляют своих детей влюбляться в чтение?   1. Государственная библиотека поощряет "маленьких книжных червей". Если ваш ребенок...

Cryptocurrency and the Future of World Economy

History is full of people who’ve labored over missed opportunities. Like all other non-bitcoin-owning people, there are plenty of them. People first heard of cryptocurrency in early 2013 and scoffed at the idea that something with no intrinsic or collectable value would trade for $20.

Is Circle Ushering in an Era of Using Bitcoin?

In September 2015 Circle became the first Bitcoin business to be registered under the New York’s new Bitlicense law. It defied the wave of Bitcoin startups exiting New York in protest to the law that they viewed to put a lot of burden on their operations, especially in regards to...

Bitcoin & Crypto Price Ticker Mobile App

Every symbol supported by our platform is available within the app. This includes our widely used Global Bitcoin Price Index (GBX), as well as ETH, LTC, XRP and more. As well as aggregated symbols the app also supports Individual Exchange pricing from Bitstamp, Bitfinex, GDAX, Kraken and others.

Volatile Week Leads to New Highs

The price of bitcoin has once again reached new records. The price of one bitcoin has seen a record high of over 7 890 dollars. The new record comes after a few weeks of volatility and uncertainty. In last week bitcoin price dived to as low as 6 000 dollars...

Most Common Cryptocurrency Scams

The easiest way to pull of a scam is to build and market a fraudulent Initial Coin Offering project. ICOs have been an important way for legitimate businesses to find the necessary funding through crowdfunding.

Safest Way To Buy Bitcoin using Singapore Dollars

Bitcoin exchanges are the popular places to buy Bitcoin. In cryptocurrency exchanges, the exchange buys and sells Bitcoin on your behalf, all you need to do is to place an order on the platform. Transactions on a Bitcoin exchange start with you placing an order with the amount of money...

What Can We Learn from Stablecoins?

Stablecoins, which are tokens on the blockchain pegged to stable assets like gold or fiat currencies like US dollars, provide a convenient way for avoiding risks in this extremely volatile crypto world and transferring values between different crypto exchanges.